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Ford mustang fastback 'K' code

Prijs: 62.500 €
Kleur:vintage burgundy Metaalkleur
Vermogen:294 kW / 400 PK
Capaciteit:5.000 cm³
1e inschrijving:03.02.1965
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4 versnellingen, Kleur: vintage burgundy
***We celebrate the new year with a big discount, this Mustang now only 62500€ . *** **WAS 65000€ now only 62500€**  Video : Look what i have found here,  early in the morning @ 6 o'clock AM, i got a coffee and a donut on the most famous donut place in sunny California,  and i heared a rumbling sound .  I turned around and saw this beatifull Burgundy Fastback .  When i aproached the Pony, the owner told me that it was a 'K' code,  a 'K' code, when was the last time that i saw one ....i was very surprized because you don't find these 'K' codes anymore.  My second surprise was that he told me he was thinking abouth selling his Mustang.  My ears where wide open .  After a test drive and a short discussion on the price, we shook hands . Deal done.  I was very happy that i got out of bed to get my coffee so early.  But hey you know what they say :   'If you snooze, you looze ' Now back tot the car.  It is a very fast one, the owner told me it is now 302 ci with abouth 400 hp .... and yes he gooooeeesss... He got the power brakes, a 9' rear end, toploader 4 speed transmission...  Interior is very clean, paint is still perfect. Data plate decoder : Year: 5 1965 Plant: R San Jose, CA Body Series: 09 2+2 Fastback Engine: K 289 4v V8 HiPo Miscellaneous Vehicle Data Body: 63A 2+2 Fastback, Standard Interior Color: X Vintage Burgundy Metallic Trim: 26 Black Crinkle Vinyl, Standard Interior Date: 03B February 03, 1965 D.S.O: 71 Los Angeles Axle: 1 3.00:1, Conventional Trans: 5 4-Speed Manual
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Olenseweg 388
2260 Westerlo
Telefoon: +32 14-267222
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