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Ford mustang convertible
Oldtimer, Cabrio, Rood, Automaat, Benzine, 162 kW / 220 hp, 5000 cm³, YOC: 15.09.1969,
Ford Mustang Cabrio 1969.  302 ci 5000 cc V8 engine automatic transmission powersteering power soft top

29.900 €

Chevrolet pick up step side (25x in stock)
Oldtimer, Pick-up, Blauw, Manueel, Benzine, 77 kW / 105 hp, 3500 cm³, YOC: 01.01.1951,
*** JUST ARRIVED ***In the Mojave desert i found this Chevrolet Pick up stepside .  This chevy is build in 1951 .  It is in an unbelievable original condition, completely rust free and in the original Patina Patina .  Runs and drives great. xxx NOW WITH WHITE WALL TIRES AND NEWER WHEELS xxx

23.750 €

Ford mustang cabrio
Oldtimer, Coupe, Blauw metallic, Automaat, Benzine, 165 kW / 224 hp, 4700 cm³, YOC: 15.09.1968,
This is a very nice bleu 1968 Mustang cabriolet, with the 4700 cc V8 engine, automatic transmission and powersteering .Comes with new Carpet in the box .

39.500 €

Ford mustang coupe
Oldtimer, Coupe, Rood, Automaat, Benzine, 100 kW / 136 hp, 3300 cm³, YOC: 13.09.1968,
***NL- Voor wie een zuinige Mustang zoekt, we hebben er eentje .  Het is een 1968 Ford Mustang met de 200 ci V8 3300 cc motor met automatische versnellingsbak .  Deze Mustang heeft een roestige bodem en er is dus las werk aan . Prijs is meeneemprijs.  Nieuwe bodem platen hebben we in stock.  ***-D-...

14.500 €

Chevrolet pick up
Oldtimer, Pick-up, Zwart, Manueel, Benzine, 66 kW / 90 hp, 3548 cm³, YOC: 15.09.1946,
***JUST ARRIVED *** Just found This Patina Chevy Pick up truck stepside from 1947, the first post war trucks.  The engine is  rebuild, 216 ci 6 cyl engine with a manual transmission. *** I also have a set of fenders for sale for this type of Chevy ***

22.500 €

Ford Mustang fastback
Oldtimer, Coupe, Rood, Automaat, Benzine, 165 kW / 224 hp, 4700 cm³, YOC: 27.08.1964,
***JUST ARRIVED *** Just bough this nice red Mustang Fastback model 1965  but build in August 1964 .  It's a fast fastback .  New exhaust with a low sound, Gt exhaust rear tips thru the rear valance, Gt fog lights .  Nice stang, in and out.

47.500 €

Chevrolet camaro
Oldtimer, Coupe, Geel, Automaat, Benzine, 220 kW / 299 hp, 5700 cm³, YOC: 15.09.1970,
***JUST ARRIVED *** Just bought in California, this nice 1970 Chevrolet Camaro .  The owner started the restauration, you need to finish it, interior needs to be further completed. comes with a lot of new parts  The engine is the 350 ci V8 4bbl with an automatic transmission, powersteering, power d...

22.500 €

Chevrolet pick up stepside
Oldtimer, Pick-up, Zwart, Manueel, Benzine, 69 kW / 94 hp, 3548 cm³, YOC: 15.09.1949,
***JUST ARRIVED*** : Wow, this is a nice split window Chevy truck . Build in 1949 .  6 cyl engine 216 ci 3500 cc  with the three on the tree manual transmission .  Inside, outside and mechanical in beautifull condition.  Ready for the summer.

29.999 €

Ford mustang cabrio
Oldtimer, Cabrio, Groen metallic, Automaat, Benzine, 165 kW / 224 hp, 4700 cm³, YOC: 08.05.1967,
***JUST ARRIVED *** We found this nice ford Mustang convertible from 1967 in the Wine fields of California.  This is a perfect mustang, ready to cruise in the summer sun .  She has all the options and looks you need.   She want stay long..... 4700 cc V8 289 ci  Automatic transmission Powersteering...

45.000 €

Chevrolet corvette c3 Cabrio
Oldtimer, Cabrio, Zilver metallic, Automaat, Benzine, 150 kW / 204 hp, 5700 cm³, YOC: 15.09.1975,
JUST ARRIVED : At the border of Mexico we found this almost perfect Corvette C3 L82 convertible . It has the 5700 cc 350 ci V8 engine, automatic transmission, powersteering, power disc brakes, and the very unique rear window defroster option. The silver metallic color is in very good and shiny con...

32.500 €

Ford mustang cabrio RESTORED
Oldtimer, Cabrio, Rood, Automaat, Benzine, 147 kW / 200 hp, 4700 cm³, YOC: 04.03.1965,
JUST ARRIVED ....Perfect restored Ford Mustang Cabrio model 1965,New Paint, New Soft Top. Rebuild 289ci V8 Automatic, Rebuild transmission,  New powersteering, New power brakes, New disc brakes, New suspension, new Steering, New Pony interior, New floor console, New Wooden GT Dashboard,   New Wooden...

49.900 €

Chevrolet corvette c3
Oldtimer, Cabrio, Zilver metallic, Automaat, Benzine, 162 kW / 220 hp, 5700 cm³, YOC: 15.09.1978,
This nice Silver Anniversary Corvette from 1978 .  The '25th Anniversary model.  Nice condition in and out.  This one has the fastest V8 350 ci  engine, '4' engine code.

23.500 €

Ford F-1 pick up stepside F1
Oldtimer, Pick-up, Rood, Manueel, Benzine, 66 kW / 90 hp, 3700 cm³, YOC: 01.01.1947,
JUST ARRIVED.   If you want a patina patina patina truck, well this is what i have found for you. A 1947 F-1 Ford Pick up truck stepside with the 226 ci 3700cc 90 hp flathead 6 cyl engine. These flathead engines runs so smooth, you don't even hear them running . This is a 1947 Ford 1/2 Ton sh...

24.999 €

Dodge wagon woody
Oldtimer, Break/Stationwagon, Bruin, Manueel, Benzine, 77 kW / 105 hp, 3772 cm³, YOC: 15.09.1953,
Very rare model, Dodge 2door wagon in woody colors .  Original 6 cyl engine  230 ci 3772cc  103 pk. with overdrive.  Drives very good, very nice .   

22.500 €

Buick special V8
Oldtimer, Coupe, Wit, Manueel, Benzine, 140 kW / 190 hp, 4330 cm³, YOC: 01.01.1955,
NL:Op deze trip naar California heb ik een  Buick Special uit 1955  gevonden. Hij heeft de originele 264 ci V8 'Nailhead' motor. *********************ENG: I found one Buick on this trip to California . A 1955 Buick Special with the 264ci V8 Nailhead engine . He will arrive in March in our ...

11.500 €

-other- Austin-Healey Sprite Sebring Austin-Healey Sprite Sebring
Cabrio, Blauw, Manueel, Benzine, 44 kW / 60 hp, 1100 cm³, YOC: 15.09.1964,
We have this nice Austin Healey sprite Sebring look for sale .  From a private collection, you buy directly from the private owner.  In and out in very good condition.  Runs and drives good .  Small economical engine with a 4 speed transmission.

19.500 €

Chevrolet camaro camaro
Oldtimer, Coupe, Blauw metallic, Manueel, Benzine, 257 kW / 349 hp, 5700 cm³, YOC: 01.01.1973,
For me the crown of the trip is this '73 Second-generation Chevrolet Camaro.  The second-generation Camaros are officially on collectors' must-have lists.  This Camaro is finished in Blue metalic with new Black interior with Gray stripes, there's still no denying that this car looks l...

34.900 €

Chevrolet Pick up Apache pick up apache
Oldtimer, Pick-up, Grijs, Manueel, Benzine, 106 kW / 144 hp, 3860 cm³, YOC: 15.09.1958,
Chevrolet pick up 1958 .  Fleetside 6 cyl 235 ci  3860 cc 145 hp  Manual transmission.  Mechanicly completely restored Drives Perfect.  New seat.

18.500 €

Chevrolet corvette targa C3
Oldtimer, Cabrio, Rood, Automaat, Benzine, 242 kW / 329 hp, 5700 cm³, YOC: 01.01.1971,
We found another survivor, this nice original little red Corvette was in possesion of the owner for more then 30 years . He drove it daily to work. This Corvette has a very old paint job and needs to be repainted, or if you like it like that, drive as is. These Chrome bumper Corvettes or getting ...

23.500 €

Ford mustang coupe
Oldtimer, Coupe, Geel, Automaat, Benzine, 147 kW / 200 hp, 4700 cm³, YOC: 22.07.1966,
This is a good base for restauration.  The engine runs,  i drove the car on the trailer.  So if you want a restauration project, this is it.  Some extra data from the car: Year: 6 1966 Plant: R San Jose, CA Body Series:072 Door Hardtop Engine: C  289 2v V8 Miscellaneous Vehicle DataBody: 65A ...

9.999 €