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tel (BE):   014 26 72 22
tel (int.): +32 14 26 72 22

California Import

Olenseweg 388
2260 Westerlo

Tel. (BE):014 26 72 22
Tel. (int.):+32 14 26 72 22

About us

Marc Lenaerts California Import has been specialized for 30 years in the import of Vintage cars from sunny California.
As a result, you will find original and rust-free Old-Timers and Classic Cars at California Import.
Do not hesitate to come and discover our collection: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet Corvette, Camaro, Chevrolet Pick-up, Ford Mustang, Ford Pick-up, Dodge Charger, Convertible, Roadster, Pick-up trucks, station wagons and other gems .... .
We also have all parts for these cars in stock or can bring them from California.
Our mechanics with our 40 years of experience are at your service in our workshop.
We can help you with normal maintenance, repairs to brakes, suspension, to complete overhauls of the engine and gearboxes (automatic & manual). Contact us for an appointment.